Closing Orchids

Utterly devastated to be closing Orchids today, albeit we hope a temporary closure I’m still so gutted. I know people are facing much, much worse than me, it doesn’t stop me feeling gutted and sad, sad because we can’t continue to ‘do our bit’, sad because the only way to protect my staff is to close, sad that I’ve worked tirelessly to build Orchids for some 14 years and it is now completely out of my control, it hangs in the balance of us all doing the right thing. So please, listen to the advice, stay home, take care of your loved ones. If we all do follow the rules now this nightmare will be over sooner rather than later and we stand a chance of picking up the pieces. 
Thank you to my team of staff who have worked without question to provide childcare for key worker parents and to support me. 
The right thing to do now is close.
Take care all. Xxx